new system cooperative enterprises

Do you despair at what the socioeconomic model is doing to people and the planet? Do you long for another way? Do you wish you could live a life more connected to your environment and our true needs? Do you have honed skills in collaboration, being self-sustainable and self-motivated? If not, do you wish to learn those skills? Are you ready for a major shift in the way you live your life... or wish to take your shift to the next level? Do you believe in collaborative consumption and cooperation? Do you believe that our technological progress has a place in an environmentally conscious future? So do we...!

We need you! We are looking for strong and ambitious ideas to start projects working outside of the current financial system. These enterprises will be non-profit entities supported through alternative channels of debt-free finance. Be they crowd sourced funding or donations through income generating enterprises under L.toW umbrella, the aim will be to build sustainable living and working environments free from the use of money as we know it today. It's revolutionary and ambitious, but if you are like us, you will know that it is deeply necessary for a future of abundance for all.

with your ideas or to receive a questionnaire so that we may best pair you with an existing project.