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the objective

The first project under the LOOK. the other Way umbrella, '' has been initiated by founder Darren Sharland. Utilising his experience in large scale Interior Architectural Design specialising in hotel and hospitality, Darren is building a design agency with the express intent to change the nature of design as it is know today. Working as a remote design practice, the team will be drawing from a highly skilled pool of specialists located across the globe. They will operate under a common platform and process, delivering a full service commercial design and branding product. The base design value at is low impact, sustainable and, where possible, entirely off-grid design of a luxurious standard.

The services on offer will be :

Sustainable architectural design - Sustainable interior design and furnishing - Sustainable energy and waste management design - Responsible, locally sensitive landscape design - Low consumption energy and resource use design - Graphic design and branding - Web design and strategy

Who we have :

  • Lead Interior Architectural Designer
  • Lead Furniture and Finishes Designer
  • Graphic Designer / Branding Specialist
  • Specialist Drawing Documentation Team to Tender/Construction Level
  • Specialist Furniture Documentation Team to Tender Level
  • Website Designer from template for simple brand communication & online sales
  • 3D Visualisation Team
  • Lighting Design Team
  • Landscape Designer

Who we need :

  • Registered Architect specialising in Sustainable Design
  • LEED Green Certification and Sustainable Design Analyst
  • Green Waste and Energy Specialist
  • Site Coordinators with experience/insight into Sustainable Construction
  • High Level Programmer for complex Website and Application Construction

Our teams will be structured on a project-by-project basis based on project needs and budget. A fair an open fixed fee rate for an approximate fixed term contract. The fee will be calculated according to a standard percentage breakdown that will run across all projects to reinforce transparency and fair meritocratic team structure. The responsibility is therefore transferred to client in securing a strong and effective team by their fee offer. The fee structure will be based on the 'LOOK. the other Way' non-profit model where a sizable percentage of profit will be built into the formula for philanthropic donation to affiliated L.toW projects.

why this project


- To change the face of high end commercial design for a considered future

- To generate income that can sustain team members and channel profits into meaningful social/infrastructure projects

Sustainable and ethical design is a fast-emerging market in need of large specialised teams to undertake medium to large scale projects. In keeping with the changing trends in work / life / location flexibility, services will include a global reach in terms of client base and team structure, making design a truly international collective process. 



- Develop dedicated website for with full ethos and disciplines outlined

- Develop services information package for both potential clients and skilled collaborators. The pack will include a standardised transparent fixed fee structure mechanism that is both fair for the collaborators and the client, whilst too achieving the objective of the enterprise to generate income for social/infrastructure projects

- Register entity after considerable research into best international location and structure and devise standard contracts for collaborators and clients alike.

- Develop business for smaller F&B and hospitality projects initially and pursue this avenue for first projects, then expend within the sector accordingly.




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The project will require very little initial outlay in order to get started due to the self employed and managed nature of its participants. Team collaborators will be required to have a set of minimum tools or assets dependent on their role/skill within a project. This relegates the need for considerable investment at the start of operation.

Initial research and consultation, including the devising of contractual agreements for both client and collaborators will be a cost that will require funding. This may be provided by the founder as a reimbursable capital investment or could be sourced more broadly through the signed-up collaborators to guarantee access to the first projects with capital reimbursement included in the agreement. 

It is important that collaborators understand that the entities objective is to sustain individuals at a level of need +plus 20% (for example) so that income is generated to support broader social/infrastructure projects.


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